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{ friends only }
Ganguro Girl


This journal is Friends Only.

Simply post here saying who you are and where I might know you from, and I will gladly add you.

Please do not alter or redistribute anything that is shared in this journal. Thank you!


i don't know if you would have added me - wikivic here! ^^

altho feel free not to if you don't want to, i tend to post quite a bit ^^;;

Ah yes, I already watch you~! *grin* I like your regular posts, I always read them :)

(Deleted comment)
Of course I won't delete you~! TwT

(Happy belated birthday btw! <3)

can I stay, pwease?

Fine, I'll bribe my way - if you ever run low on Japanese sweets, let me know. Plenty of them where I come from. Plenty of everything Japanese too, now to think of it. Be glad to share love. *grin*

Say friends-only means yaoi-included and you'll never shake me off *grin*

P.S: Incidentally looking at your fan-icons for the first time. Eeek! Edward Scissorhands, LOTR, Incredibles, Clamb, Yaoi = all loves. Though admittedly I have gotten a tad out of touch with manga.

Of course you can stay~! And you don't even need to bribe me, how about that! XD you're a great LJfriend, I always find your journals interesting~ plus I think it would be fair to say we have quite a lot in common ^_^

And yes... 'friends only' might just mean 'yaoi included'... *cough cough*

(Deleted comment)
Manga-mace... hmm... now where do I know him from...? .___.

Edited at 2008-03-23 10:20 pm (UTC)

I recently got back into LJ and Wikivic posted a very intriguing snippet about "Bee", so i found your journal and was wondering If I could friend you?

Tis Blondeyetti from devart or sweatdrop, or Kat from twosideswide.com.


Hi hi blondyetti~! :D *adds you* <333

Hello darling! It is I, POLARIS. I don't know why I don't have you addedededed on here, but well, NOW I DO. :D


I haven't spoken to you in agessssssssss~ *addsyou*

MUSEY - I adore you <3 Please add me? *dwinky here*

Of course of course! *___*)/ <3 hello dwinky!

I'm from tokyopop and deviantart as Mariku and Mariku-Salana. I love your art and was hoping to keep track of all the lovely things you create, as well as spread some insanity.

Welcome~! ^_^ Friended you <3

Hi, I followed your username from the Shika_Chouji community. I'm a fan of your writing :)

Sorry for getting back to you so late;;

Thanks so much for friending~! I'm really glad you like my writing (though it's more art-oriented on this here journal) ^^


Hello Musey m'dear~~~ <3

uggh bitch, get your cock out of my face

My name's Sam, er, I don't think you really know me, but um Im in the community celeb shag list

Hello there!
I had a quick look back on the celeb shag list community to see who you were, your own list was absolutley lovely haha :D
Consider yourself friended ♥

hey its noodles again, you'll know me by this friday :)

Hi! Hi! I'm Mika, and I'm a Spanish girl who love lolita style, J-music, manga, anime,... I want do friends! ^-^ Nice to meet you~


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